Dance tuition is based on a yearly fee, divided into 9 equal payments, due the first week of each month from September to April. May tuition is due in September along with September tuition. Students are guaranteed 3-5 lessons or performances per month and not all months have the same number of classes. Late fees may be applied to accounts which are more than one-month delinquent. Payments can be mailed to RMSA, given to Elizabeth at the studio or mailed to the studio, but paying online is preferable.

Costume Deposit

A costume deposit of $30.00 per class registered is due the first week of November. This deposit is applied to the student’s spring recital costume and the student keeps the costume(s) they have purchased. The costume balance is due in March and a statement will be sent home with this amount. Each costume ranges in price from $65.00-$100.00. Once a costume is ordered, students are required to purchase the costume regardless of circumstances. This includes a student who quits dance class, is taken out of class by the instructor or parent, or a student who is ill. All costume payments are non-refundable. Both tuition and costume balance must be up to date in order to receive costume. New students may be asked to pay for costumes in full before costume orders are placed.

Dress Code

A list of appropriate dance attire for each class is found here. Please read to find out what your child will need for their classes.

**All dance clothes and shoes in all sizes can be purchased at the dance store in the RMSA building. We try to keep our prices competitive with Wal-Mart and appreciate the business.


A RMSA calendar can be found online. RMSA does not follow the public school schedule exactly. There may be dance when there is a school break or vice versa. All vacations for RMSA are listed on the calendar.

Snow Days

If school is cancelled for a snow day, dance classes are not necessarily cancelled. Please call the studio in this situation and the answering machine will have all the information.

Watching Dance Classes

Parents are allowed to watch dance classes through the window the last week of each month. Parents are not permitted to watch every class. Students need time to work without an audience or disruptions, and instructors need full attention of the students during class. Please limit your watching to this time. If someone would like to watch class other than the last week of each month, due to special circumstances, please call Elizabeth and make arrangements. This does not apply to parents with 3-6 year old students; they are allowed to stay for all classes.

Questions or Problems

If you have any questions please call Elizabeth. If a problem or concern arises during the year, please contact Elizabeth and discuss the concern. Many times problems or concerns arise from lack or communications or a simple misunderstanding.

Studio Policy

RMSA will only assume responsibility for students while they are in class. Students are welcome to use the RMSA facility before their classes to change, work on homework, ect., but parents are responsible at this time. Students who are waiting for a ride are to remain in the building until the ride arrives. Students should not wait outside. Students are not allowed to bring friends or siblings to dance class. Please do not leave siblings or students at the studio unless they have a dance class.