Elizabeth Fernandez

RMSA Co-Founder and Managing Director

Elizabeth Fernandez graduated with honors from the University of Northern Colorado where she received degrees in Dance Teaching/Movement Analysis and Dance Kinesiology.  She was a dancer for the University of Northern Colorado Dance Theatre and Colorado Dance Theatre.  With these companies, she performed in many ballets including Les Sylphides, Le Pas de Quatre, Firebird, and the Nutcracker.  Elizabeth was ballet mistress for the Nutcracker with both these companies. Elizabeth received her dance training from such names as Jeffrey Rockland, Sandra Minton, Robert Barnett, Christina Monroe, Cherie Noble, and David Taylor. In 1996 and 1997, Elizabeth received the Department of Dance Award at UNC because of her involvement and contribution to the department.  Elizabeth Co-founded Rocky Mountain School of the Arts in 1997 and Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre in 1998.  RMSA, under Elizabeth’s direction, trains students of all ages in the art of dance and music, focusing on building dancers with a strong and diversified foundation emphasizing technical training and performing.  Elizabeth has had dancers join the Joffrey School of Ballet, Houston Ballet School, Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, and Rhapsody James (hip hop).

Cynthia Kaelberer

RMSA Co-Founder and Piano Instructor

Cynthia Kaelberer has taught piano privately for more than 40 years; the last 20 of which she has taught at Rocky Mountain School of the Arts. She taught music at Wapiti School for three years and has been on the faculty of the Montana Music Institute since 2003. She sat on the Park County School District No. 6 Board for 4 years and was a member of the NCOC Board (which is affiliated with Northwest College and the community orchestra and chorus). Cynthia has been an active member of the Music Teachers National Association since 1977.  She has served as the Competitions Chair for the Northwest Division of MTNA for 2 terms and has been an officer in every capacity at the state level (WMTA). Cynthia was born and raised in Wyoming and Montana. She is married to Robert Kaelberer and they have a daughter, Elizabeth, and a son, Erich.

Brittany Schneider

Assistant Director

Brittany is a highly experienced dancer and teacher, having performed and trained for over fifteen years with Rocky Mountain School of the Arts. During her time at Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre, Brittany performed the role of Sugar Plum Fairy, a role typically performed by a professional ballerina, with professional male dancer, Michael Cook.  Brittany has had the opportunity to take classes in New York City on nine different occasions and learn from artists including the following: Leslie Feliciano, Ade Chike, Chio, Charles Renato, and Lane Napper.

Mary Sims

Office Manager

Heidi Rasmussen

Operations Manager

Jennifer Kaelberer

Director of Marketing & Communications

RMSA Dance Instructors

Elizabeth Fernandez

Preschool, Kindergarten, Ac 1/Ac 1b/Ac 2b/ Ac 3 Ballet

Ac 4 Ballet/Point, Ac 5 Ballet, Ac 5 Contemporary,

Advance Contemp, Advance Ballet/Point

Brittany Schneider

Academy 2 Jazz, Ac 4 Hip Hop/Jazz/ Tap,

Ac. 5 Hip Hop/Jazz/Tap, Advance Hip Hop/Tap/Jumps & Turns

Older Beginners Jazz/Hip Hop

Rhiannon Jones

Rhiannon Jones

Academy 1 & 1b Jazz

Emily Cole

Academy 1 & 1b Tap

Imani Etter

Academy 2 Tap

Caitlyn Murray

Academy 3 Contemporary

John Williams

John Williams

Academy 3 Hip Hop

Rocky Mountain Dance Theater Cody Wyoming Red Dancer Logo

Bekah Loberg

Academy 3 Jazz

Claire Pfister

Claire Pfister

Academy 3 Tap, Ac 4 2nd Class

Jessica McNeil

Ac 3 Ballet 2nd class, Ac 4 Contemporary, Ac 5 Ballet/Point

Kaitlyn Loberg

Kaitlyn Loberg

Academy 2 Ballet 2nd Class