Spring Production 2015

Spring Production and Spring Ballet

Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre in collaboration with Rocky Mountain School of the Arts presents the Annual Spring Production, the culmination of months of work in several dance disciplines. The focus of the Spring Production is personal expression through the art of dance, lighting, and staging. Using a professional lighting designer and technical designer, the production encourages the interaction of several aspects of the theatre and provides the dancers with an avenue to express their thoughts, emotions, ideas, and life experiences. Spring Production includes all age groups, with a focus on our middle school and high school youth. Encouraging and providing a way for our teenagers to express themselves provides a positive way for them to develop their character, and a way to encourage self-discipline, respect for themselves and others, and respect for what they have to offer as an individual. In turn RMDT believes this builds strong, self-confident adults who can encourage others in the same way.

The Spring Ballet is a full-length ballet production, produced at an equivalent level to The Nutcracker, but focusing on some of the other classical ballet stories. Each year one of these classics is performed with the expectation that RMDT students are developing an understanding and appreciation of ballet, with the anticipation that learning to love the foundation of the dance world will encourage our youth to support the arts throughout their lives.


2015 RMDT Spring Production in Cody, Wyoming

RMDT Presents: The Masterpieces of Ballet

May 16, 2018

7:00 PM

Wynona Thompson Auditorium


RMDT Presents: The 21st Annual Spring Production

May 18 & 19, 2018

7:00 PM

Wynona Thompson Auditorium




young ballerinas on stage during 2016 Spring Production performance