What to Expect at RMSA

It’s that time again!  A new dance season will be here quickly!  Summer is flying by, and the start of a new dance season is excitingly around the corner.  I look forward to starting a new year! PLEASE take a few moments to read the information below…it will only take 5 minutes….truly! 🙂

Important Reminders

  1. Every year there are hundreds of lost shoes, and I have suggested in the past each dancer has a bag specifically for dance, in which they can fit all their dance shoes/needs.  This bag should travel with your dancer into each studio room for each class.  If dancers bring their bag with them into each studio, we will not have so many lost shoes.
  2. Correct dance shoes and attire are a must for dance class.  Please be aware that dancers who consistently attend class without appropriate dance clothing or the correct shoes will be asked to watch class.  Dancers who continually watch class may forfeit their place in class.   Please click the link below to see the attire guidelines for each class as they will be strongly enforced this year.  Back to Dance, Dance Store Hours have been loaded to your calendar.   This is a great time to get everything your dancer needs to begin class, especially with the Back to Dance Specials!!  Dance Attire Requirements.
  3. Food will ONLY be allowed at the tables in the commons.  Please do not eat in any other locations in the studio.


Schedules and Calendar

All dance calendars have been posted to the RMSA website.  Each calendar is specific to each dancer’s academy and calendars can be found under the RMSA Class Calendar tab.  If you are unsure which classes/academy your child is registered for this year, please log into your account.  It is imperative that you check your account to be sure your child is enrolled in the correct classes.  If they are not enrolled in the correct classes, they will not be ordered the correct costumes for the Spring Production and they will not be able to perform. I will rely on each dancer’s parent to ensure their dancer is enrolled correctly. 

If you are unsure if there is dance class on a specific day, please look at your calendar on the website.  If you have a g-mail, I have linked your email to the correct calendar.  If you are not linked, please let me know.  Keep in mind only g-mail addresses can be linked.  If you don’t have a g-mail, I highly recommend creating a g-mail account.



Tuition for first and last month is due by September 15. Tuition has been posted to your account.  Beginning in October, tuition will be posted at the beginning of each month until April.  Tuition is due by the 15th of each month.  If you have a new student, you have been sent a password for your online account.  If you are already part of the RMSA family, but you need your password again, please let me know. 🙂  Please log into your account for your tuition.  Academy parents, please be aware:  if your child does not take all the classes offered in their specific academy, there is only a discount if the amount for single classes is higher than academy tuition.


Liability Forms

If you did not fill out liability forms at your parent meeting, missed your parent meeting, or are a new to the RMSA family, please be sure to do so before the dance season begins.  You should be prompted to do the form when you login to your account, but if there is any problems Maddie will have the forms in the store.  Dancers without liability forms will be asked to watch until their forms are completed.


Contacting Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s Email address: elizabeth@rockymountainschoolofthearts.com.

Elizabeth’s Cell phone:  307-272-1367

Email is a great way to ask me small questions which may arise during the year.  I am usually teaching classes after school, therefore; after school is not an optimal time to catch me.  I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have, and if you prefer to speak with me personally, please call or email to set up a time so I can give my full attention to your needs.  Please let me stress again, after school my first priority is teaching (hopefully that is what you want too 🙂 ). I know it can be upsetting when someone needs to talk to me and I am unavailable, but I am more than happy to talk any other time.


Other Important Information

Bus # 11 will be making a stop at the studio for those who need a ride.  The bus usually arrives around 3:45.  For those students who have class a little later in the day, they are still welcome to ride the bus to the studio.  Please instruct them to stay in the building while waiting, working on homework, or having a snack.  RMSA welcomes students in this situation to use the facility, but RMSA is not responsible for students when they are not in class.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.  My cell phone is the best way to contact me.  See you soon!