Wild West Performance/Dress Rehearsal Guidelines

Performance/Dress Rehearsal Guidelines for Wild West Show

Dress Rehearsal

  • Dates and Schedule-listed on the Company Calendar
  • Costumes and all dance shoes should be worn.  Hair and make-up not necessary.
  • Closed rehearsal, no viewing


Call Time 6:45.

Show time is 8:00.  The show will finish around 9:45 or 10:00

Hair and Make-up

  • Hair and make-up must be ready before you arrive at the theatre (not really a space to get ready)
  • Hair/Make up Guidelines

o   Annie Oakley, Annie Corp., Mariachi, Razzle, Sharpshooters

  • Curled with sides slightly pulled back
  • Normal Stage Make up, Fake eyelashes

o   Saloon Girls, Cowboys, Tightrope, Buffalo

  • Straight with sides pulled back
  • Normal Stage Make up, Red Lipstick, Fake eyelashes



All dancers should have their tights and nude liner on when they arrive at the theatre.  All dancers are REQUIRED to have an extra pair of tights at every performance.  Tights will holes cannot be worn for this show so if you get a hole during the show, you will need to change your tights.

Costumes will be left at the theatre.  Costumes will not be left on the floor.  They will be hung.  There will be name tags for each person.

Dancers can leave their shoes at the theatre as long as they are left in their personal bin.  Shoes left all over the place will not be allowed.

Food and Drink Backstage

Everyone will need to bring their own water bottle.   There isn’t a drinking fountain backstage and you will not be able to go to the lobby for water once the show has begun.

If you bring food, please DO NOT forget to clean up after your self.  You will not be allowed into the audience or lobby during the show or during intermission so please buy what you want when you arrive a the theatre.  If we have a huge mess every night, I will ban food.